117 Flockton St EVERTON PARK Q 4053
Office Hours 9 to 5pm


As your entrusted agent and manager our focus is your property.

Being the on site manager means we have an ongoing presence on site.

This optimises access for new Tenants, Property Inspections, Tradesmen, Signage for your property and first-hand knowledge on the complex needs and requirements through the Body Corporation.


• Market Rental Appraisals.
• Property Value Appraisals.
• Insight on Brisbane Rental and Sales market trends.
• Rental and Sales Manager with a focus on Evvien.
• Leading edge Sales Person who revolutionised the way property was sold in Brisbane.
• Access to a Certified Financial Planner with 30 years’ experience.
• No matter whether you are down the road or interstate we will always keep you informed and up to date.
• Open homes are every Saturday if tenanted and daily if unoccupied.


• We promptly attend to all maintenance issues and ensure all solutions are cost effective and carried out in a timely manner.
• We utilise a wide array of reliable plumbers, electricians, handymen and other tradesmen suitable for the job at hand.
• Routine inspections are carried out every 4 months with a detailed report and photographs sent to you.


• Our team is available to discuss the report with you
• On Site
• After Hours


• All Homes
• Rent
• Home Sales
• On The House
• Home
• Homely

Your property at Evvien is our primary focus.